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angry fish - kids game app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 3552 ratings )
Games Puzzle Arcade
Developer: VascoGames
Current version: 2.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 04 Apr 2014
App size: 88.52 Mb

Angry Fish - Kids Game is one of the best angry fish games on the app Store. Not all of them like each other that much. You have to take care of the whole family, keep them out of hands of criminals. It’s like angry birds, but with fish.

Why are they mad? Imagine this..
In this game for kids you are swimming in the water with your friends, and there’s coming up some dangerous moments. You see some cats, you know when cats fishing you can be their meal. The fish watch carefully, they don’t want to be eaten. They could turn into ninja fish, but that is the last thing that the angry fish would do because it costs so much energy. You can hear the cats fishing and yelling ‘Pour the fish, pour the fish’. Don’t become ninja fish, be smart like other fish master games. When cats fishing you need to conquer them. The fish watch.. The moment is coming that they will turn into really mad fish in these angry fish games. This game for kids could be the one for you.

Do you like playing games like Tap Fish, Doodle Fish or Ninja Fishing? This game is also cool, but a little bit more focussed on a game for kids. So it’s a fun game for kids. You need to tap fish and tap again to stop them. Let him swim into the right position and tap again to stop at the right moment. Kids will have fun playing this awesome addictive game. Face the challenging missions in these angry fish games. Cats fishing almost the whole day, but you don’t have to worry about that. Just take care of them, tap fishes to complete the missions.

How do you play this game?
1. Tap the fish to start it driving
2. Tap it again to make it stop in the right spot. Choose the right moment to tap!
3. Destroy some blocks by tapping them. Also here, choose the right moment.
4. Train your brain with this game by making the right decisions.
5. Crash into other fishes to clear the level screen and accomplish the mission.

Game features:
- Easy to operate game for kids, for children and parents.
- Nice cartoon graphics for playing this game with a smile on your face.
- 20 different levels, 20 difficult challenges to finish while you train your brain.
- Fun to play and free to play.

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